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A rag-tag group of heroes and villains have teamed up, and they are off to defeat something that lurks in the shadows. In this season, taking place after Pahkitew Island, ON Pahkitew Island, competitors from both the original Total Drama Island and Revenge of the Island will be competing.

Chef held a mirror up to Mike's face and he let out a gasp, long cat like ears folding back against his scalp.Below, executive producer Leila Gerstein previews how Zoe and Wade will deal with their bun in the oven.The EP also reveals when we’ll learn to whom Lemon’s heart belongs and what’s in store for Anna Beth.RELATEDHart of Dixie Boss on Season 4’s Quick Pace — Plus: Is This the Final Year? It’s not like I had a humongous plan for what Season 4 was.Zoey convinced her childhood friend Ashley aka Crimson if she and Ennui would like to go on a double date with Mike and herself, in which she accepts. How will this double date go..and find out : D A re-imagining of Total Drama's fourth season.

Same characters, same challenges, but the show itself plays out more like the first season, with a larger cast and no toxicity.

Follow the 20 campers (13 canon, 7 new) as they fight for the million dollars.

Glad you're awake" Zoey hummed, brushing away one of his stray hairs, Chef stood next to his bed and gave him a smile, "hey, Mike, please don't sue Chris, he's in enough trouble as it is and it technically wasn't his fault, seein' as it was Scott who pushed ya into the radioactive toxic waste whatever" he said and Mike nodded with a toothy smile. " he hissed, his tongue was a lot rougher and dear god were his teeth sharper.

Boss on Season 4’s Quick Pace — Plus: Is This the Final Season?

After hooking up with Wade — though failing to win back his heart, sadly — the doc discovered she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Lemon returned from her singles cruise with a saintly doctor of her own — but their romance is all a ruse.

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