Whos dating dylan sprouse

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Whos dating dylan sprouse - Online sex

In regards to recent rumors, Dylan has said he finds Brenda Song absolutely gorgeous, and any guy would be lucky to have someone like her.Dylan will be attending NYU in the fall of 2010, with his brother Cole.

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Dylan is currently studying AP Spanish and AP Psychology in his final year at college. Dylan likes a girl who is confident, fun to be around, and adventurous.Dylan serves as a taste-tester whenever Cole bakes. Sometimes when Dylan is thinking of a song all day, Cole will pick up on a lyric and start singing it.Dylan prefers XBOX than Playstation Dylan prefers rock to R&B. When Dylan and Cole were younger, Dylan told Cole to try lying on his stomach after he had done it while on a swing in their backyard.Dylan prefers brunetter than blondes Dylan prefers dinner to breakfast. This resulted in Cole flying off the swing and ending up with a concussion.Dylan lives about an hour away from The Suite Life on Deck set.Eventually Cole changed his mind and he’s currently studying Archaeology and Anthropology. Pork chow mein, spare ribs, dumplings, and an eggroll is his favorite meal. For looks, he prefers dark hair and light eyes, but he says it doesn’t matter as much as personality.

The one thing Dylan does not understand about womens fashion is ‘pantyhose’. Dylan has started a fashion line for boys with the Olsen Twins.

Dylan’s favorite artist/painter is Joe Ledbetter because “He’s very unique,” says Dylan. That makes it enjoyable to see his newest paintings.

Dylan has been painting nearly his whole life, because his mom is an artist. Dylan and Cole named their dog Curry after Japanese curry, which they both love to eat. Dylan likes to paint and wants to go to college to become an artist in the future.

Dylan and his brother Cole usually fight because they both want something. Dylan wants a girl that is willing to go out and eat anywhere.

He once had a girlfriend that was disgusted by everywhere he took her.

By the time Dylan is 17, he wants to have a couple of toys in production. [edit] The fast food that Dylan can’t live without is Chick-Fil-A. [edit] Dylan’s dream job is to be an underground artist.

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