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When Kim won immunity a second time, she chose to vote out Lex, making Ethan her competitor in the final vote. Ethan is probably the most popular winner to date, because he played the game well by having an alliance and he was considered very nice to his fellow contestants.After winning Survivor: Africa, Ethan was chosen to participate in Survivor: All-Stars, which featured past players. Zohn was a soccer goalkeeper at Vassar College, and played professionally for the Hawaii Tsunami and Cape Cod Crusaders of the United Soccer Leagues and in Zimbabwe for Highlanders Football Club.

Zohn is currently dating Survivor: Amazon winner Jenna Morasca.He previously dated Survivor: Pulau Tiga contestant Jenna Lewis, and Survivor: Australia contestant and Survivor: All-Stars winner Amber Brkich and Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.Survivors who won $1,000,000 Richard Hatch | Tina Wesson | Ethan Zohn | Vecepia Towery | Brian Heidik | Jenna Morasca | Sandra Diaz-Twine | Amber Mariano | Rupert Boneham | Chris Daugherty | Tom Westman | Danni Boatwright. He parlayed his victory on Survivor: Africa by donating some of his $1,000,000 first prize money to starting Grassroot Soccer, an organization whose goal is to "mobilize the global soccer community to combat the ] ] ."Survivor: Africa"As part of the Boran tribe, Zohn did not become an immediate target in the game, he was seen as a strong player who could potentially help to win many tribal immunities.When his tribe lost two back-to-back immunity challenges, he joined the majority to vote off Diane Ogden and Jessie Camacho in Episodes 1 and 2.At the start of the Africa season, Ethan was assigned to the Boran tribe.

There he made an alliance with Lex van den Berghe and Tom Buchanan.

In the fifth episode, Lex and Tom (along with Kelly Goldsmith, another Boran member), were sent to go on an unknown mission, and ended up being switched to the other tribe (three members of Samburu were sent to Boran).

Despite the split with the other two alliance members, the other Boran members (new and old) didn't try to vote him out. For the remainder of the season, Ethan's alliance controlled the game, until they were forced to vote Tom out (as the one remaining non-alliance member, Kim Johnson, won immunity).

Over the next few days, Ethan would form a long-term alliance with and Clarence Black.

Two of the new Boran members from the Samburu tribe, Teresa Cooper and Frank Garrison, had an old misunderstanding with younger old-Samburu member Silas Gaither.

So, in Episode 5, a consensus was reached in which Ethan's tribe threw the immunity challenge in order to vote out the unpopular Silas.

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