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Zaha Hadid 1950-2016: Zaha Hadid was "part of a mini-rebellion" as a student at London's Architectural Association, setting the tone for the career that followed, says Nicholas Boyarsky, son of former AA director Alvin Boyarsky.In this exclusive interview, he shares some of the drawings from his father's collection, and remembers growing up under Hadid's influence.

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His son spoke exclusively to Dezeen following Hadid's sudden death on Thursday at the age of 65."It was as if all the resources of the AA were diverted to one cause." Nicholas – who now runs his own practice Boyarsky Murphy Architects with his wife Nicola – also told Dezeen about his own memories of being part of Hadid's unit at the AA and later of working in her office."We would have tutorials in her tiny house in Kynance Mews in the early hours whilst watching the movie American Gigolo over and over and eating wonderful food," he said.Over the years, Hadid gave Nicholas' father a selection of her own drawings, including a competition entry for the residence for the Irish prime minister from 1980 and a 1988 drawing of a table she produced for a client."Zaha stood out from the start," Nicholas Boyarsky told Dezeen."She would, for example, make her own clothes by stapling cloth together." "She was part of a mini-rebellion against the prevailing early 70s ethos in architectural education when many students did not really draw or design but talked instead of megastructural systems and processes, alternative lifestyles and so on," he said.

"Zaha and her friends went to Alvin and demanded to draw architecture, and Alvin set them up with an independent studio.

I guess the die was cast from that point." Hadid joined the school as a student in 1972, where she met Alvin as a first-year student.

It was there that she met Koolhaas and Elia Zenghelis, who would go on to set up OMA.

Alvin Boyarksy and Hadid remained close friends until his death in 1990, and Nicholas said his father was "instrumental" in the architect's early career.

"She would come to the house and we would all go on what I guess would now be called urban explorations," he remembered.

"We would drive in my parents' little Mini to the abandoned Royal Docks and break in to experience the huge post-industrial wastelands." "I remember particularly when Zaha won the Peak competition in Hong Kong, and the Barrel Vault to the rear of the AA became a painting studio to prepare for the exhibition and publication," he said.

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