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Theme: This sketch is meant to be an encouragement to those who think that their prayers or their lives are not valued by God.

Standing will allow Christine to match her words with expansive, hollow gestures. I have been angry with my kids when theyve done nothing wrong, Ive abused my colleagues at work, and Ive failed to support the friends that need me most, and I give too little to charity.Heavenly father, I bow before you right now full of guilt for the bad things Ive done.I beg your forgiveness for the way Ive hurt other people, most especially for the guy I stabbed outside the night-club, four weeks ago.Father, give me the courage to go to the police and own up to what Ive done.Theme: This sketch can be performed by 2 men, or if your church has an enlightened view of God's gender, there is no reason why the voice of God should not be played by a woman.That said, the nature of the conversation is that of two men chatting about what their ideal woman would be like, with Adam having a very 21st century macho take on the idea.

This is a sketch that would work well with men's groups, and can be used in marriage guidance courses to highlight our unrealistic expectations of our partners.

Staging: Given that Adam would be naked at the time of this conversation with God, you might like to think of comical ways of staging this. Of course, if your church objects even to bare arms, then Adam should dress in normal clothes.

Have the character wearing shorts but covering himself by carrying a cardboard tree, or a big box. The point of this sketch is not to re-create the creation but to talk about relationships.

Theme: We always think that the impact of Jesus's physical healing would be entirely positive, and this sketch tries to challenge this assumption but not to contradict it.

But when we pray for healing, what is it that we pray for? Is God there to heal us in some medical magic trick, or are we asked to work for him whatever our health? Staging: Do not worry about Biblical dress, but do make sure your blind character has the props to go with his blindness, dark glasses, white stick.

He can walk to the centre of the stage in character, and sit himself down before the second character enters.

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