Updating the mac system

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Updating the mac system - Sex Chat

If you can check off all three, you're in great shape.You may also want to upgrade right away if you're a big fan of Apple's built-in applications, like Mail, Safari, and Notification Center.

If you live in Apple's ecosystem and have an i Phone or i Pad—especially one running i OS 8—you should definitely upgrade.Many of Yosemite's coolest features show up in the way your mobile device and your computer talk to one another, especially if you leverage features like Handoff and Call Answering, as well as i Cloud Drive.The new Safari, for example, is faster, more streamlined, and makes it easy to get back to sites you visited on your phone or tablet, which is a nice touch if you're not already using something like Chrome Sync or Firefox Sync.Of course, to leverage those great mobile-to-desktop features, you have to make sure your Mac meets Yosemite's basic system requirements (which, luckily, are the same as Mavericks'), your i OS device supports i OS 8, and both support features like Bluetooth 4 LE, which is required for Handoff, Call Answering, and Instant Hotspot. It looks like it has some great features, but it's still an upgrade, and any upgrade has a chance of going bad. Is it ready for prime time, or should I wait for the next patch to fix the bugs people will inevitably find? Thousands of Mac users have been running the Yosemite beta for months, watching the operating system evolve with each patch and update, and get ready for today's release.For many of you, the upgrade will be one more patch and that's all.

For others, especially those of you who couldn't risk being without critical apps or tools during the beta, you can relax—that open beta means Apple's gotten a ton of feedback, and barring a few slow-updating developers, your apps should work without issue.

However, ever since Apple made new versions of OS X free, it seems like the bar for quality has dropped a bit.

Mavericks had real issues when it launched, issues everyone glossed over because "hey, it's free!

" Remember, just because something's We'll come out and say right away that most Mac users should go ahead and upgrade to Yosemite.

If you have a machine built in the past two to three years, you'll have no issue with the update, and even if your machine is a little older, you shouldn't have much trouble (more on that in a bit.) The upgrade process itself is smooth and easy, and the App Store download is only about 5GB.

The install process only took me about a half-hour, and part of that may be because I'm using a slightly older Mac by comparison to many.

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