U th dating on calcite

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Constraining the cause of the end-Guadalupian extinction with coupled records of carbon and calcium isotopes.

Dating subduction-zone metamorphism with combined garnet and lawsonite Lu-Hf geochronology. Below is a comprehensive list of publications by BGC scientists. Included are publications by current BGC Faculty arising from prior affiliations elsewhere. For reprints, please indicate the full citation (including author). Extremely rapid directional change during Matuyama-Brunhes geomagnetic polarity reversal. You can also contact us at (510) 644-9200/ 2455 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709. 2014 Sagnotti, L., Scardia, G., Giaccio, B., Liddicoat, J. Some footnotes to the optimization-based calibration of the Ar-40/Ar-39 system.

Neutron-induced Ar-37 recoil ejection in Ca-rich minerals and implications for Ar-40/Ar-39 dating.

Multiple migmatite events and cooling from granulite facies metamorphism within the Famatina arc margin of northwest Argentina.

Multiple migmatite events and cooling from granulite facies metamorphism withn the Famatina arc margin of northwest Argentina.

Simple computer code for estimating cosmic-ray shielding by oddly shaped objects.

Rapid Thinning of Pine Island Glacier in the Early Holocene.

Basins and bedrock: Spatial variation in Be-10 erosion rates and increasing relief in the southern Rocky Mountains, USA.

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