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It needs to be bigger than ever next year because I believe it is the best gay thing in the city!

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(I’m still waiting for the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain to come).This is the queer one which takes place in November of each year for about a week and a half.2012 will be its sixth year and they’ll have lots of interesting events again.Music, film, theatre, performance, workshops and exhibitions are spread across the city.Following our Lesbian guides to Paris and Stockholm, we bring you The Most Cake Lesbian Guide to Belfast.Sure, it might be better known for that sectarian war thing, but things have changed. by Ginger Cake Belfast doesn’t have the best reputation for its nightlife or gay scene.

It’s been said before, but sometimes the religion and politics get in the way of social progression and other important matters, like the gay sex and the dancing.

But now it’s 2012, a million light years from those times, and Belfast gays are definitely here and queer.

And Belfast is having “a moment”, and we mean that in a good way.

Yet, there still isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to gay clubs or culture.

I mean, it could be a good thing that LGBTQ folk are integrated into the fabric of the city but it’s still a straight, straight world and Belfast is still a place where I feel like I can’t hold my girlfriend’s hand down the street so great though some straight places are, yeah, I happen to be one of those gays who wants a “gay place” where I can go and know it’s ok to have a smooch and an opportunistic tit-touch (too far? More than that, I like things that are associated with gays: gender-bending, queer art and literature, going to a bar where you know it won’t be an entire breeders-only zone.

Maybe Belfast is too small to have more than one major gay club: i can only imagine having to decide between two places to go on a Saturday night to take poppers and watch your favourite X-Factor rejects? Anyway – that aside, here’s our TMC-sanctioned guide to gay Belfast: Outburst Queer Festival Since Belfast got back on its feet, so to speak, we really like putting on artsy “cultural” festivals.

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