The squirrel dating advice

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The squirrel dating advice - Online sex

Squirrels are onmivores, in other words they eat almost anything.(They even chew electric cables given half a chance.) Bliddy American grey squirrels aren't responsible for our native oak forests but they are responsible for decimating our native red squirrel population not least by a virus that is lethal to our red's.

Squirrels can eat a lot of nuts and it soons gets very expensive to feed them all. Usually this is in the middle of your lawn or even worse your neighbour's lawn.This isn't too much of a problem as they are very tidy when burying the nuts, the problem comes when you go away for a few days.The squirrels are not now getting their daily ration of nuts from you, therefore they turn to their buried stores.When they dig up a nut they do not mind leaving a mess. Hazelnuts in shells are particularly favoured, followed by raw peanuts in shells.A squirrel visits my back garden, and every day I put out for it 7 peanuts in their shells, i.e. Attracting squirrels by feeding them, however, is not recommended. I has a bit of a google after reading this and thought I would share the info Squirrels make interesting wildlife neighbours and can often be attracted to your landscape with minimal effort.

If a squirrel were to rely solely on peanuts, how many buts would it need every day?

If you start feeding a squirrel each day, word soon gets around the squirrel world that there is a new food source and within a week or two you have six or more squirrels coming to your house to be fed.

You come back from your break and find your lawn looking like a ploughed field. They also like shelled brazil nuts, sweet chestnuts and acorns.

If despite these warnings you still cannot resist feeding your local squirrels then you need to know what to feed them. They also appreciate it if you put out a shallow bowl of fresh water for them every day.

It is not a very good idea to put out shelled peanuts or other small nuts as these either attract large numbers of pigeons, which also like them, or if they are picked up by smaller birds they can choke on them. Contrary to popular belief research has shown that squirrels don't remember where they bury things.

They use a general area and this is nature's way of getting things planted and growing.

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