Stock option backdating accounting

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This paper was prepared for the 2009 Journal of Accounting and Economics Conference.We appreciate comments from Scott Dyreng, Mihir Desai (discussant), S. Kothari (editor), John Long, Ed Maydew, Lillian Mills, Tom Omer, Sonja Rego, Doug Shackelford, Terry Shevlin, Joel Slemrod, Cliff Smith, David Weber, Ryan Wilson, Jerry Zimmerman, George Zodrow, and conference participants at the JAE Conference as well as at the 2009 University of North Carolina Tax Symposium and the discussant there, Bill Gentry. Heitzman appreciates funding from the University of Rochester.

Villagers claimed that the power plant was overpriced and that its effluent would destroy their fisheries and coconut and mango trees.One villager opposing Enron put it succinctly, "Why not remove them before they remove us?"As Pratap Chatterjee reported ["Enron Deal Blows a Fuse," Multinational Monitor, July/August 1995], hundreds of villagers stormed the site that was being prepared for Enron's 2,015-megawatt plant in May 1995, injuring numerous construction workers and three foreign advisers.Maharashtra officials said they acted to prevent the Houston, Texas-based company from making huge profits off "the backs of India's poor." New Delhi's Hindustan Times editorialized in June 1995, "It is time the West realized that India is not a banana republic which has to dance to the tune of multinationals."Enron officials are not so sure.Hoping to convert the cancellation into a temporary setback, the company launched an all-out campaign to get the deal back on track.In this paper, we present a review of tax research.

We survey four main areas of the literature: (1) the informational role of income tax expense reported for financial accounting, (2) corporate tax avoidance, (3) corporate decision-making including investment, capital structure, and organizational form, and (4) taxes and asset pricing.

We summarize the research areas and questions examined to date and what we have learned or not learned from the work completed thus far.

In addition, we provide our opinion as to the interesting and important issues for future research.

In late November 1995, the campaign was showing signs of success, although progress was taking a toll on the handsome rate of return that Enron landed in the first deal. TITLE: Enron Did Business With a Second Entity Operated by Another Company Official; No Public Disclosure Was Made of Deals REPORTER: John R.

In India, Enron is now being scrutinized by the public, which is demanding contracts reflecting market rates. In November 1995, the company announced that it has signed a $700 million deal to build a gas pipeline from Mozambique to South Africa. Embassy and even National Security adviser Anthony Lake, lobbied Mozambique on behalf of Enron."There were outright threats to withhold development funds if we didn't sign, and sign soon," John Kachamila, Mozambique's natural resources minister, told the Houston Chronicle. Enron's Board includes former Commodities Futures Trading Commission Chair Wendy Gramm (wife of presidential hopeful Senator Phil Gramm, R-Texas), former U. Deputy Treasury Secretary Charles Walker and John Wakeham, leader of the House of Lords and former U. Emshwiller and Rebecca Smith DATE: Oct 26, 2001 PAGE: C1 LINK: Print Only in the WSJ on October 26, 2001SUMMARY: Enron's financial statement disclosures have been less than transparent.

The pipeline will service Mozambique's Pande gas field, which will produce an estimated two trillion cubic feet of gas. Enron spokesperson Diane Bazelides declined to comment on the these allegations, but said that the U. government had been "helpful as it always is with American companies." Spokesperson Carol Hensley declined to respond to a hypothetical question about whether or not Enron would approve of U. government threats to cut off aid to a developing nation if the country did not sign an Enron deal. Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher and retired General Thomas Kelly, U. Information is arising as the SEC makes an inquiry into the Company's accounting and reporting practices with respect to its transactions with entities managed by high-level Enron managers.

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