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We were all feeling strong and headed for the challenges.Some chose to attack the points in a counter-clockwise loop while others did just the opposite.

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We picked up the last OCP and headed for the finish line.That rope comes in very handy for another team when we come upon them with one member stranded on some slick rock looking down a horrible fall spot.Top Coed winners were Eastern Mountain Sports, Cogg Wild, and Berlin Bike. I am out there to challenge myself and see what I can do and the clock comes into account if there is a cutoff involved.Prior to starting the race we had dotted out a route for the trek. They are aiming for about our location so we use their route and walk directly to the kayaks at the Sea of Cortez.Camera does not work with Macam Version 0.91 under Mac OS 10.4.9. Status: keine Kamera Specs (from Profiler): VGA Single Chip: Version: 1.00 Bus-Strom (m A): 500 Geschwindigkeit: Bis zu 12 MBit/s Hersteller: Pixart Imaging Inc. 44 (Haus 26) / FAX: +49 391 67 158 65 D-39120 Magdeburg / sabine.wrenger@... This is currently the only webcam recommended by Micro Anvica in UK for use with Mac OS 10=2E4 Tiger I am using a Mac G4 with OS 10=2E4=2E9 and although the webcam previews OK= with the cams own preview sofware, in macam it appears as an almost completely solarised (white out) image with a just a very grainy outline=2E i see from your list of cams that this is one you are currently working on= =2E Do you have any updates I can try or if not, do you know when you will hav= e this working OK=3F Thanks for you help=2E Any information would be welcome because at the mom= ent I can't really find any way to use the camera=2E My mac is Dual 450 MHz processor Power PC G4 256 Mb SDRAM I am attaching a screen grab or what I see in Macam=2E Thanks Steve -------------------------------------------------------------------- mail2web=2Ecom - Microsoft=AE Exchange solutions from a leading provider -= Hello! Symbol: GPSI Close: $0.031 Recent news releases have excited investors. I am out there to challenge myself and see what I can do and the clock comes into account if there is a cutoff involved.Produkt-ID: 0x2600 Hersteller-ID: 0x093a Specs from description: Model TCM 234 282 Sensor: CMOS USB1.1 resolution up to 800 x 600 pixels frequency up to 30 fps VGA resolution 640 x 480 pixels Picture frequency up to 25 fps VGA/30 fps CIF By one of the former versions of Macam it was recognized but showed no pictu= re. GERMANY /________________________________________ Homepage: I am using MAC OS 10.4.9 -- I am trying to use a PC USB camera -- that is its name. Heavy trading pushed share prices up to highs of $0.08 (UP 266%). While he was doing that I pulled out the kayak paddles and assembled the pieces anticipating the next CP just up-river. The rub is that the descent was a nightmare thanks to the prolific Rhodos, steep pitch and muddy soil underfoot. The trail got a bit rocky at the top, and I started losing it mentally.

Sabine Wrenger _________________________________ Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet / Tel.: +49 391 67 178 42 Institut fuer Immunologie / oder 144 24 Leipziger Str. Lila Lila Pine Associate Professor New Media Option School of Image Arts Ryerson, University Hi i am using macally webcam (portable USB video webcam) - the one with th= e flexi-stem for positioning! Vendor ID: 0x0c45 Product ID: 0x60b0 Spec: Image Sensor type: VGA (640x480) CMOS Image Sensor Lens type: Manual Focus White Balance: Auto Interface: USB1.1 File Format: JPEG/AVI Still Image: 1,280 x 960 pixels (Maximum) AVI capture: 320 x 240 pixel AVI capture: - 30 fps PC CAM: Up to 30 fps PC CAM: - VGA: 640 x 480 PC CAM: - CIF: 352 x 288 PC CAM: - QVGA: 320 x 240 TWAIN compliant: YES Dimensions: 84.8 x 76 x 92.7 mm (Wx Hx D) Build in Microphone: Yes Image Sensor Type: VGA (640 x 480) , CMOS Image Sensor Interpolation up to 1.3M pixel Max AVI frame capture rate: 30 fps TWAIN compliant: Yes I'm working with a desktop: Mac Mini 1.66 Ghz Intel Core Duo 2 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 Mac OSX 10.4.9 I'm using: macam 0.9.1 i Chat USBCam v 2.2.1 And the webcam=85 Do not work! Rub Col= News Releases Warming Investors Up On GPSI Global Pay Solutions Inc.

Closing at $0.031 (UP 3%) we expect to see more traffic and prices shooting up all week. At narrow points we squeeze through boulders the size of a house. Even though I can't hear anything I find myself getting sucked into the story line, making up my own script as I go along. Then we have a long uphill to get to about the middle of the Baja Peninsular.

She said she could hear and feel the tendons or whatever letting go as she went down. Even one year later, we were missing her presence every day. Almost half our race to this point has been in the canyon.

We have all been there at one time or another and deal with it in our own way. This was an awesome race for beginner or experienced racer alike.

We usually miss this part of a race, since we are typically back of the pack finishers, but always finishers.

they actually sent Ashley "Go Lite" Wallace to the race to help out and talk to the racers about their products.

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