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As a runner at third base with less than two out, he would station himself several feet back of the bag, in shallow left field.He would time the arc of any outfield fly and then take off running, step on third as the catch was being made and continue to run at full speed, making it almost impossible to throw him out at home, a tactic eventually outlawed as a result.

Stanky was also a master of the "delayed steal" in which the runner feigns disinterest after the pitch; but instead of walking back to first breaks for second as soon as the infielders return to their normal positions.), nicknamed "The Brat", was an American professional baseball player and manager.He played in Major League Baseball as a second baseman for the Chicago Cubs (1943–44), Brooklyn Dodgers (1944–47), Boston Braves (1948–49), New York Giants (1950–51) and St. He was born in Philadelphia, and his original nickname, "The Brat from Kensington", is in reference to the neighborhood where he grew up.It took Stanky eight years to reach the major leagues at age 27, after starting out at Greenville, Mississippi, in the East Dixie League, where he was a teammate of future St.Louis Cardinals star Harry Brecheen, whom Stanky would manage in St. Stanky was famous for his ability to draw walks; he drew 100 or more walks in each of six different seasons, 140 or more in two of them.As Cardinal player-manager, he would hold up games close to being called on account of darkness or curfew when that would benefit his team, by walking leisurely to the mound from second base or the dugout (when not playing) after every pitch to confer with his pitcher, eventually resulting in the one-trip-per-inning rule.

Stanky contributed to the breaking of the color barrier as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

When Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers, he was treated harshly and discriminated against.

In 1946, he hit just .273 but his 137 walks allowed him to lead the league in OBP with .436, edging out Stan Musial—who led in more than ten hitting categories.

His best season was probably 1950 with the Giants, when he hit an even .300 and led the league in walks (144) and OBP (.460).

On August 30, he tied a major league record when he walked in seven consecutive at-bats (in two games).

Leo Durocher, who managed him with the Dodgers and Giants, once summed up Stanky's talents: "He can't hit, can't run, can't field. all the little SOB can do is win." Yankee shortstop Phil Rizzuto still complained years later about a notorious play during Game 3 of the 1951 World Series in which Stanky kicked the ball loose from Rizzuto's glove as he slid into second base, instrumental in the Giant win that put them ahead two games to one, although they lost the next three and the Series with it.

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