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SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: artefact CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: Any object (article, building, container, device, dwelling, ornament, pottery, tool, weapon, work of art) made, affected, used, or modified in some way by human beings.

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The environment may play a part in the nature of an artifact if it has been seriously altered by man through fire, house and road construction, agricultural practices, etc.Therefore, the line is sometimes hard to draw between a natural object and one used by man, but there is no doubt when it can be shown that man shaped it in any way, even if only accidentally in the course of use.Artifacts are individually assignable to ceramic, lithic, metal, or organic, or other lesser-used categories.A sociotechnic artifact is a tool that is used primarily in the social realm.A SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: artefact type CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A description of a category of artifacts which share a set of somewhat variable attributes, such as spoons or tables.An artifact type occurs together in the majority of cases.

CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: The placement of materials in a geographic, temporal, etc.

context with other similar artifacts; the study of artifact classes with common characteristics; classification according to artifact type technology.

Tools produced by the removal of flakes (or chips, commonly referred to as debitage) from the stone to create a sharp surface.

Projectile points, bifaces, unifaces, and cores are common flaked stone artifact types.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: ground stone, polished tool, ground-stone artifact, groundstone CATEGORY: lithics DEFINITION: A class of lithic (stone) artifacts produced by abrasion -- grinding or pecking -- and formed into a tool or vessel.

Granite, pumice, and steatite fall into this class.

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