Peer guardian 2 not updating 2016

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In their research they have only found 2,400 Americans who ran money through companies set up by Mossack Fonseca, none of them high-profile, and apparently none of them from the political world.Article tells the tale visible from correspondence for a few people who had already built a private fortune and then decided to park money overseas.

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The odds are really high that tax preparation will be completely automated in the next two decades.Estimated odds are almost as high that both accounting and auditing will be fully automated.Consider my business and my core tasks of auditing charities.There is a real possibility those types of audits could be heavily automated in 10 or 15 or 20 years.The massive volumes of change you see surrounding you everywhere you look isn’t going to stop. The cost of ignoring massive change is that you and your organization will get left behind. While these articles are written in either the accounting or church context, they also fully apply in the church and accounting context. Either figure out how to cope with and embrace the change or ignore it.

That doesn’t just mean you will be a laggard as you continue doing next month what you did last year. They also apply to every individual and organization.

Instead that means your organization will radically shrink and before you know it, will disappear. This article will be posted across all my blogs because it applies to all of them.

I am not old enough to bank on retiring before that massive change starts eating away the entire audit profession.

Automation will take over an increasing number of tasks.

The world of tax, accounting, and audit will be affected. Sheridan explains the shelf life of education and experience we have is shrinking.

As the Maryland Association of CPAs routinely points out our learning needs to be greater than the rate of change; L An ongoing challenge for law enforcement in pursuing charges against bankers is actually getting convictions at trial. For those who wanted to see bunches of bankers in prison stripes, keep in mind there is that hurdle of persuading a jury a crime was committed. – The NYT has finally gained access to the Panama Papers.

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