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Parenting dating contracts - Free Online

The first one places you in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP).

See Part 3 of this series for more information about the DEP. I don't care what your recruiter promised you, if it's not in the enlistment contract, or in an annex to the contract, it's not a promise.ANYTHING ELSE ANYONE HAS PROMISED ME IS NOT VALID AND WILL NOT BE HONORED.Let me clarify a couple of points: First of all, incentives and entitlements which are available to everyone won't be, and doesn't need to be in the contract.This is because military members are already entitled to it by law.Also, it doesn't much matter what is in the DEP enlistment contract -- if it isn't in your active duty enlistment contract, it's not a promise.If you were promised an enlistment bonus, for example, it needs to be in the final active duty contract, or chances are you'll never see that bonus.

Once you get out of basic training and job training and go to the personnel office at your first base, they're not going to give one hoot about what anyone "promised" you -- they're only going to care about what is in the enlistment contract.

In fact, the bottom of the very first page of the enlistment contract contains the following clause: The agreements in this section and attached annex(es) are all the promises made to me by the Government.

Continued from Part 3All of the services use the same enlistment contract -- Department of Defense Form 4/1.

This is the contract that is used for military enlistments and re-enlistments.

Of all the paperwork you signed during the process to join the military, this is the most important document.

If you enlist on active duty, you'll actually sign two enlistment contracts.

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