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Henson won an NAACP Award on Friday night for her role as Cookie Lyon in the Fox drama Empire and used the moment to tell her peers they don't need 'to ask for acceptance from anyone'She seemed to be urging her peers not to let themselves and their community be defined by the controversy surrounding the lack of recognition of African-American performers at the upcoming 2016 Academy Awards. We have been here and we aren't going anywhere.' Heavy lifting: Straight Outta Compton star O'Shea jackson, Jr.Jada, of course, recently made headlines with her announcement that she would not be attending the Oscars this year in protest at her husband not getting a nomination for his role in the movie Concussion. posed backstage with two awards he got during the evening.

Hollywood needs to know that this is what diversity is supposed to look like.''Everybody keeps saying it's a comeback. I have several guitars, but forgot about one I picked up in the 60's which I discovered in my storage items this weekend.It's a Yamaha FG-180 Jumbo with a red label Nippon Gakki. I remember it as having good tone and was a poor man's Martin at the time.I was wondering if it has much value, and also if there is a way to know exactly when / where it was made by tracking the serial number.I believe I bought it new back around 1968 or 1969. I remember more than a few of us back in the day, who couldn't afford a second Martin as our backup/busted string in the middle of a set guitar, and used the FG-180.That is not unusual, as my '71 FG-150 red label doesn't come up either. As for value, it depends on the condition obviously.

You can try here and see for yourself: you can call Yamaha Customer Service and see if they can ballpark date it for you. Do a search here on the AGF and see other similar threads on vintage Yammies. I look over there a lot and it's fun to see what Yammies are going for.

Also check out the Telecaster Guitar Forum's "Acoustic Heaven" folder.

No particular reason why a plywood guitar should sound so good, but many of them did!

A few years back, I seemed to recall them having made a little jump in price and saw some folks asking as much as $500 for them.

But that was before the new wave of quality solid wood guitars started coming in from China. Maybe this will help: As to value, I'd suggest seeing if you can find any Kentucky Dave plays Martin D-28 Guitars (and in over 50 years playing has owned: Gibson, Fender, Guild, Taylor, Dobro, National, Yamaha, Ovation, Takamine, Epiphone, Blueridge, Recording King, Seagull, Washburn, Baldwin, Squier, Danelectro, Vox ...) What a nice thing to find in the storage area!

I checked the Yamaha serial number wizard but nothing comes up.

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