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This section of the website has been put together in order to assist owners identify the model and approximate manufacture date of their Hofner guitars.

Like Hofner's flattop "Western" acoustics and their "Jugend"/"Wander" guitars, the evolution of the various models and ranges of Hofner concert guitars over the years since they were first introduced in the 1940's is very complex; more so than the history of the other types of Hofner guitars and basses.Hofner introduced them as all having solid tops, a new special sound-friendly varnish, and an adjustable bridge saddle.These were two guitars specifically made to celebrate Hofner's 100th Anniversary.The HE20 had a solid maple back & sides, whereas the HE22 had solid rosewood.In addition, differences between some of the various models seem to be only slight.These may be the reasons why there is so little information about these models to be found elsewhere.

Putting these guitars into some sort of order just isn't straightforward!

In an attempt to simplify matters, I have therefore split the various models into various date-based series, in order to hopefully produce a small degree of logic into the exercise.

I have also used scans of models and variants taken entirely from contemporary catalogues, rather than using gallery photos of owners guitars, in an attempt to provide some consistency into the presentation of the details.

I have retained the previously existing Visitors' Galleries, which include actual photos of some of the guitars described below, to allow for further research, and they can be accessed using the following link: As its title states, this series comprises Hofner's highest quality Master instruments made by between 1985 and the present day.

The "Master" designation means that they are produced only by Hofner's most experienced "Master" luthiers.

A range of guitars designed in co-operation with the Institute of Stringed Instruments Guitar & Lute (ISIGL) and specifically intended to provide students with good sounding instruments at a reasonable price.

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