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There is a lot of viewer support in West Bengal, and we already have some live broadcast output with potential.

Ponnuswamy Rajendiran (US): $15 I Dewa Sumitra: $21 Laghu Bhagavatamrita das (US): £108 Ilze Makena (Latvia): £30 Barbara Sutton: $15 Michael Anthony Latham: $10 Vinodkumar Dattani £10 Ravi Reddi: $50 Gocha Tserodze (Georgia): $16 Maria Hattasova (Slovakia): EUR 10 Janis Puhalskis (Latvia): EUR 20 Ankur Sethi: $15 Arathy Narayanan (UK): £10 Michelle Asin (US): $15 Lelihana Pillai: $10 Sandip Bhatt: $30 Kurtz Simonsen: £20 Deepak Khullar £10 Manisha Parmar (UK): £10 Sladjana Lindqvist (Scand.) EUR 10 Gauracandra Gopinatha (UK): £10 Pushkaraj & Hara (UK): £20 Mr. Sadhoo/Nalini dd (UK): £10 Marion Bell (UK): £10 S Nayani Sarvajna Krishna (UK): £11 Expenditure summary for May 2016: INTERNATIONAL INTERNET BROADCAST EXPENDITURE: £51.16 Primcast (shoutcast server - for 1 year) £20.56 Dellmont Sarl (international calls) £28.56 Hosthatch storage server £7.04 Hosthatch storage server £4.82 Adhouse, s.r.o.(node server) £41.82 1&1 Internet Ltd.(hosting package) £108 Rapidswitch server Sub Total: £261,96 SRI DHAM MAYAPUR BROADCAST EXPENDITURE: Rs 56,960 - 8 x Devotee broadcast maintenance Rs 1,240 - Telephone Bill Rs 640 - carpenter putting locks on cupboards Rs 13,050 - 2x2Tb external Hard drives Rs 8,000 - Mayapur monthly internet bill Rs 14,740 - repairing lcd-screens on three canon cameras Sub Total: Rs 94,630+ £261,96 = £1,055.74 + £261,96 = £1317.70 Total Expenditure for May 2016: £1317.70 Total Income for May 2016: Instamojo Rs Coming = £??? +230=£1126.22 (Actual income is less due to Paypal taking a percentage of all donations) Many thanks to all the devotees involved for making Mayapur TV on internet and cable possible - Hare Krishna Your idea for utilizing video tape recording systems to broadcast our activities is very nice.It will be very good if you can convince the television stations to carry our program on a regular basis and this equipment if it can be used for this purpose will be very useful.So discuss this matter with the GBC how it can be practically implemented.Srila Prabhupada letter - 5th January, 1972 People spend a lot of time in front of their TV's watching any rubbish to pass the time.Thanks to our Mayapur TV sponsors, over 30 thousand local homes around Navadwip can now view ISKCON Mayapur 24/7 via cable TV.

And over two million West Bengal viewers can see the main temple aratis on the popular Channel One news channel.

A powerful way to spiritually uplift millions more with the message of Lord Chaitanya is through an engaging, relevant and inspirational TV channel.

Would you like to share your story of how Mayapur TV has helped you?

We would love to hear your story - especially if you have a photo (try to stay within about 100 words).

E-mail us at [email protected] Paramraj Bhatt: $30 Prakash Desai: $108 Margot Cordua: EUR 25 Sujata Debata: $20 Denis Aleric: £ 10 Sumon Raj Roy: £ 10 Mridu Easy: £20 Hinal Fatania: $10 Santini Jeyabalan: $30 Pavle Radovic: $20 Jayashree Rao: $108 Varsha Nursee: EUR 10 Tapos Kumar Acharjee: EUR 10 INSTAMOJO: (Listing amounts above Rs 501 only) Coming...

MONTHLY SUBSCRIBERS HH Jayapataka Swami: Eur 70 Mayapur Madhava (UK): £5 Vraja Sundari Keilman: EUR 108 Julia Burroughs (UK): £40 Maria Perkins (UK): £ 5 Russell Pet (US): $30 Mauro Maggi (Italy): EUR10 Mahamantra das(UK): £10 Naresh Velupula $21 Krushanaben Dhru : $10 Malini Nitai dasi (UK): £5 Ross Burroughs (UK): $30 Danguole Yakobson (US): $30 Jereme Crow (UK): £10 Clive Holland (UK): £10 Jahnava Sundari Liberman: $11 Vijay Patel (Canada): $15 Amratlal Divani (UK): £10 Pramod Dakka (US): $30 Lochan das Thakur das (UK): £10 John Vandelicht (US): $15 Sulabh Agarwal (UK) £10 D. Chawla (UK): £10 Radha Mohan prabhu (UK): £10 MC & MR Rao (UK): £10 Hetal Patel (UK): £30 N.

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