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Some engines produced at the Rouge for export also carried the marking "Ford U. A." stamped on the pad below the serial number, as illustrated in the pic above.Model A and B engines were also built worldwide, including at Windsor, Canada, at Manchester and later Dagenham, England, at Köln, Germany, and at Gorky Automobile Zavod , USSR from the 1930's through 1950's.

Both Dagenham and Köln used serial numbers assigned from groups of numbers granted by the Rouge from within the larger sequence of Rouge numbers.Some Model B engines having an AA prefix and Rouge group numbers were also built and stamped at Dagenham in 19.Model A engines with serial number prefix CA, CAA, CAW, CAAW, CAE, CAAE, CAR, CAAR, CAT, CAAT, CAY, CAAY, CAU, CAAU, CAI, CAAI, CAO, CAAO, CAP, CAAP, CAS, CAAS, CAD, and CAAD, and Model B engines with serial number prefix CBG and CBQ were built and stamped at Ford of Canada in East Windsor (Ford City), Ontario.Ford Canada used serial number series of their own creation and control.Please see the relevant section below for detail information on engine serial numbers for each A or B engine type and production location of interest.I am also seeking any information about serial numbering used on GAZ A and B engines produced in the Soviet Union in the 1930's through 1950's, as well as G28T (improved B) engines produced at Köln in the 1940's and 50's.

The engine number was assigned to completed engines after they had passed the electric motor-driven engine run-in (run-off) tests and were released for vehicle final assembly.

The engine number then became the serial number for the completed vehicle after final (vehicle) assembly.

The engine serial number is separate from the alpha prefix letter(s).

The numeric serial number is unique and is not directly correlated to the prefix letter(s).

The prefix is preceded by a ☆ character, and the numeric serial number is followed by a ☆ character, as shown in the pic above.

Most Model A Ford engines with serial number prefixes A, AA / AF, and AAF, and Model B Ford engines with serial number prefixes AB, AAB, B, and BB were built at the Ford Rouge manufacturing complex in Dearborn, Michigan.

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