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Mission What does the Office of Administrative Hearings do? Back to table of contents The parties present their information to the ALJ in the form of testimony and written documents. Represented parties must still appear at the hearing to present testimony.

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How to Prepare for Hearing May I look at the hearing file before the hearing? Sometimes, someone from ESD may appear to provide information about the case. The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) is an independent state agency that will decide whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits. Special instructions for claimants during the appeal process Notice of Nondiscrimination and Equal Access Policy Request for Interpreter Form Other Resources Back to table of contents Once a decision made by the Employment Security Department (ESD) has been appealed, the matter must be decided by an independent and impartial party.Testimony is your statement under oath about the facts of your case. Job Separations- Discharge Cases- RCW and RCW What is misconduct? Definition of immediate family How do I present my case at a voluntary quit hearing? Back to table of contents A hearing is a fact-finding process which gives all interested parties an opportunity to present their case. Job Separations- Voluntary Quit Cases- RCW (2)(a) How do I establish good cause to quit? OAH will assign a knowledgeable and impartial ALJ to hear your case.

Back to table of contents ALJs are experienced attorneys who hear appeals from decisions issued by a variety of state agencies involving administrative law.

Your case will be heard by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who will send you a written decision after the hearing.

Telephone Hearings In Person Hearings Office Closures What happens after the hearing is over? (Public Records Act) How will I know when my hearing is scheduled? The claimant and the employer may also call witnesses.

Back to table of contents Typically, the claimant (the unemployed person) and the employer attend the hearing.

The purpose of the hearing is usually to decide whether unemployment benefits should be paid.

How do I present my case when my job search/availability for work is an issue? Most unemployment insurance hearings occur because there has been a job separation.

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