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Jen johnson big brother dating - Free Online You were the first person on slop ever to break their food restriction. I was really upset that I had gone through all that hassle, that I was going to deal with Dick being upset with me, and that I got nothing out of it. It'll adjust me so that I'm not, like, completely in the world all of a sudden. Looking back on it, was Nick playing Daniele? Jen: Daniele has a boyfriend of two years — she lives with him, they have a dog together. Nick was on the rebound, he had just been cheated on by his ex-girlfriend, so he was definitely looking for someone.He wasn't playing her, but I’m not sure if Daniele was. Are you mad that Daniele backdoored you?Jen: I'm her biggest competition, so I think she knew that the only way to get me out was to backdoor me. I don't respect her in any way, but I see why she did it.It is lame, because she was like, "I have your back until the end," and the next week she gets Ho H and puts me up? How did you handle all that abuse from Dick?Jen: I actually felt bad for Dick; he came up with a lot of his anger out of nowhere. I know people are like, "Oh, she's all godly," but she's really cool, she's funny and she's always willing to make fun of herself and stick up for what's right. Jen: He's playing this game hard; he has studied every single reality show since he was born, apparently. Before coming into the house, I bought 50 packs of letters, and I made a million shirts.I was there to experience the games, or wear a unitard, or make friends.Everyone else was two-faced and backstabbing and liars.

It was like, "I don't want to be friends with these people," so I'd rather just be by myself. You always said you were there for the experience, not the money. Jen: It was quite enjoyable — it's fun to win competitions and be a part of something, and I also got the unitard. So in the end, did you have fun being on the show?

How often can you wear a unitard around and it's cool? Jen: I was previously told it was OK to destroy Dick's cigarettes, and then when I did it, I was told that they were going to replace them. But the sad thing is, I really did like being on slop. Jen: The parts that were -involved, like the competitions, were definitely really fun. What do you think about going into sequester? But at least I get books, and I'm going to try to learn Spanish on my i Pod.

house last Thursday, surprising most viewers only in how long she'd lasted.

(Jen had been on the block three times in a row earlier in the season).

The 23-year-old "fun nanny" for Vanna White's kids was characteristically open about why she went off slop and what she really thinks of Dick and Daniele. You said that you just didn't fit in at the house. Jen Johnson: The rest of the house [guests] were much more into the game spirit rather than real-life spirit.

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