Ivory coast marriage and dating customs

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Ivory coast marriage and dating customs - Online sex

The major Muslim holiday is Ramadan, a month when everyone fasts between sunrise and sunset, in accordance with the fourth pillar of Islam.

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Roughly one-third of the indigenous population lives in the north, including Voltaic peoples in the northeast and Mandé in the northwest.The Fêtes des Masques, (Festival of Masks) held in November in the region of Man is one of Ivory Coast's biggest and best-known festivals.Competitions between villages are held in order to find the best dancers, and to pay homage to the forest spirits embodied in the intricate masks.Another important event is the week long carnival in Bouaké each March.The diverse culture of Ivory Coast, a coastal West African country bordered by Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, is exemplified by a multitude of ethnic groups, events and festivals, music, and art.More than sixty indigenous ethnic groups are often cited, although this number may be reduced to seven clusters of ethnic groups, by classifying small units together on the basis of their cultural and historical characteristics, which differ somewhat from one to the next.

These may be further reduced to four major cultural regions – the East Atlantic (primarily Akan), West Atlantic (primarily Kru), Voltaic, and Mandé – differentiated in terms of environment, economic activity, language, and overall cultural characteristics.

In the southern half of the country, the East Atlantic and West Atlantic cultures, separated by the Bandama River, each make up almost one-third of the indigenous population.

In April, there is the Fête du Dipri in Gomon, near Abidjan.

This festival starts around midnight, when women and children who are naked sneak out of their huts, and are carrying out nocturnal rites to exorcise the village of evil spells.

Before sunrise, the chief appears, drums pound, and villagers go into trances.

The frenzy continues until late afternoon of the next day.

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