Good things about dating ugly guys

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Good things about dating ugly guys - Online sex

Except it turns out he’s getting laid left and right because every girl’s thinking the same thing. “When you date an ugly guy who’s smart and interesting,” she said, “you think you’re getting a good deal. You think an ugly guy will be more grateful and treat you better.” But of course that’s not true.

It didn’t matter how successful and sought-after he was.If he was that weird-looking, he would never leave me. I must have done something right because a few hours later we found ourselves horizontal on his futon.He put on an OCMT (obsessively compiled mix tape), and we rolled around for a while before falling asleep.The next morning when I got home he left a sweet message, and I called back, over the moon.We went out two more times, and he revealed himself to be an incredibly narcissistic, gloomy guy who was totally preoccupied with his career.He finally dumped me because he didn’t have the emotional space for a relationship.

A few weeks later, I ran into a girlfriend at a party.

“Someone told me you’re dating Movie Maker,” she said. “I was,” I said, “but he turned out to be a self-involved jerk and broke up with me.” “I dated him, too,” she said. He’s dated every artsy, cute Jewish girl in the city. We go for him because of his name but think he’s some diamond in the rough because he’s ugly.

When I was in my mid-twenties I briefly dated a very successful, very unattractive guy I’ll call Movie Maker.

I was at Void with friends, and as soon as he was introduced to me I felt woozy because I was such a fan of his oeuvre.

It didn’t bother me that he was one of the uglier guys I had seen in my life.

On the contrary—I decided that his low hotness was a great counterpoint to his high Q rating.

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