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Spirulina is the highest form of protein in the plant world ranging from 65 to 71% protein. Considered a wild-crafted superfood powder with a low glycemic index (25), sweetener and flavor enhancer.Rare and unique source of vitamin B-12 in the plant kingdom. Although it is sweet, it does not contain fructose, so insulin is not required for breaking and assimilating it into the blood.

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Mesquite is high in protein, Quercetin and lysine, and also the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.Joel has been in the financial services industry since 1976 and is the founder of BIRE Financial Services.Joel has been in the Financial Services Industry since 1976 and is a founder of BIRE Financial Services.He currently serves his community as a board of director for the Holocaust Awareness Museum and in the past has served on the boards of Temple University Alumni, the Montgomery County Chamber Of Commerce, and the Variety Club. Apple Cider Vinegar stimulates the stomach’s production of Hydrochloric Acid, which allows for easy assimilation of the other medicinal and nutritional properties. The sauce’s components, Organic Cayenne Pepper mixed with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, act as a catalyst when mixed with other herbs, which increases the herbal effectiveness.

The combination of the unique ingredients provides optimal nutrient absorption.

HOT SAUCE is the first all-raw Superfood hot sauce to ever hit the market.

Cayenne pepper is rated as the #1 circulatory herb and is an extremely powerful medicinal and nutritional herb that stimulates blood flow and dilates blood vessels and capillaries.

Maca Maca is known for increasing fertility and libido in both men and women. Maca increases energy, stamina, and DHEA levels, and strengthens your immune system.

It decreases anxiety, lowers stress, and blood pressure.

Maca acts as a hormone regulator and adaptogen along with many other qualities. Known as the food of the future due to its ease of growth, high nutrition content, and its' single cellular simplicity ensuring easy assimilation.

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