Datingmarraige in germany

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Datingmarraige in germany - Online sex

Yes the things can very case to case but society will resist against this.Because of so many reasons marriage is fading away.

Hey there: I got married to an Austrian man, whom I met through this site.Austria, Switzerland) without losing control of the topic and it including all of Europe.Also, is Marriage fading or increasing in popularity?Are courtships typically long, or is it acceptable to get married after being able to tell quickly?Do Germans marry at younger or older ages these days? Everybody elope :-) In my opinion the most difficult thing is to go against the tradition so it will not be socially acceptable for a woman to ask a man to marry her.He formally ''proposed'' two weeks before getting married, just for fun, becauase everything was already arranged.

Getting married was a mutual decision and not a sudden surprise. Hallo , Es gibt eine Zeit fuer eine Frau Zu einem Mann schlagen und das war Schaltjahr,yes there was a time for a woman to propose to a man it was in leap year .i dont know if that is still carryed out self yes i would have and theres no issue on that , The marrage of two people was for a man and woman = male and female , And because of how people view that now is taking a beating , myself i would still hold to what the intent of what marrage is about for two people is a partnership , and not one over the other as was in some case,s as we know from Victorain times, im opposed to that very strongly and have been at the end of that both my Mother and i, and its no thanks to that , abuse was what that was about ,if you were to propose then yes that is your right as a woman , we to can take the lead , neat ...a......noeleena...

So, perhaps wasn't the most romantical proposal or whatever , but my , now husband, always very practical ,thought about every single detail before taking this step. after three months living together we got married ...

Is it socially acceptable for a woman to ask a man to marry her?

Or is it still very traditional and only a man asks?

Saying it "depends on the person" does not help, I am looking for a discussion of a level of social acceptance as a population.

I'd like to expand this to compare this in the other Germanic-speaking areas (e.g.

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