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IF SO GIRLS TALK AND SIMMONS SIS I LOVE LOVE THE SEXY SHOES ITS GREAT TO HAVE SUCH GREAT SHOES MAN I AM A SHOE LOVER I HAVE 250 PAIRS OF SHOES TRULY I DO I HAVE A HUGE CLOSET JUST 4 THEM COOL HUH BUT I ALSO GIVE SO TO THE NEEDY JUST HELPING THE WORLD WELL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GOD IS LONES KIM DONE PEACE XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!! I was willing to ask do U have the Fab Cookie Boots in in uh 4 cause if ull da sen 1 pair to 9304 57 th AVE SW apt h 304 Lakwood WA 98499 holla at ua girl and truely DONT HATE APPRECIATE KEEP up da good work and Ill keep the good word La U hi how are you doin i love your sneakers i just had a question… Your brother jojo is hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy keep doing what your do I love the shoes, but I am girl who loves flat gmyshoes to make my feet small w/ a round toe in front. Hey Vanessa and Angela I love your pics and your shoes cause they are awesome and i want to me yall some day and kick it wit’ yall cause i like to party dance and just have fun I wish yall can my dream come true cause i really want this can happen i been a big fan of ya since i was 11 years old and im only 16 years old i will never ever let ya down for nobody and can you also tell diggy I Love him cause he sexy but im too old but he do look sexy but anyway my sister ya too but she diggy the most she wanting to meet him like i reall want meet ya too but any way i got to go bye write back as soon as you get this message bye YOW SHOES ARE SO CUTE MY FAV ONES IS THE HITOP ALL OF THEM FIN TO GO COP SOME FO MY BIRTHDAY IN A COUPLE DAYS THEY ALL CUTE DONT NN WICH ONE TA GET WANT ALL! AND GETIN DA SWEAT OUTFIT AND A HAND BAG I LIKE ERY THING YALL MADE! you guys should really make jeans that would be awesome and they should say pastry on the back in that awesome way like on the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ii KN0W Y4LLZs TW0 ii Zs N0T P4RTYii N Y4LLZs AZZ3s 0FF…V4N3SS4 4ii NT W0RRYii N 4B0UT D4H C4M3R4Zs SH3z JUZ W0RRYii N B0UT D4NCii N…4NG3LA ii Zs Lii YK3 W4ii T…H0W D0 ii L00K W3N ii M D4NCii N…== hi this is your biggiest fan and i lov your shoes they are poppin and your brother diggy is cute and you guys are so funny one day i wish i can me you guy that will be so nice you guys are the best i wash you was a friend we will go to the city all the time love your big fan teetee omg…..i love you guys and your shoes….i have like a million pair already…favorite is the doublr chocolate chip ones……….. You And Ang3la Ar3 V3ry B3autiful And Mayb3 They Said Th3s3 Things B3caus3 Th3y Want What You;v3 Got. You Guys Ar3 What Almost 3V3ry Littl3 Girl Dr3ams Of B3ing. I always tell her you two are what real young black successful women look like. She wants to be a nurse like me with a Kimora kick. I am a single parent with 5 kids and need some help very need of some help please. will you in the near future be making any mens pastry sneakers i think the way that your boomin with the girl sneakers you might make a hit with men sneakers i would love to hear your input thanks angela and vanessa you guys are awesome. the bags are amazing the cloths need some more bang to it other than that the stuff is great. luvvvvv caroline DH4 TW0 Sii ST33Zs LOLZs4NG3LA ii Zs Lii YK3 ii R3ALLii D0NT W4NN4 B3 HURR Rii N0W…C4N D3Y HURRii UP 4ND T4K3 D4H D4YUMM Pii C!! I LOVE YOU GUYS…AND YOUR BROTHERS ARE CUTE…I REALLY WONT 2 MEET YALL…. 1111 Hey Vanessa$Angela, U kno ur doing the dam thing! She loves you girls she really looks up to you every pair a sneaker she has had in the last year or so has been pastry she will only wear your sneaks.

We both live in New Jersey except you girls live in Saddle River, and I live in Englewood. ps try to put a discount on my pastry shoes nuw im just playing with you 2 have fun making your new sesson on runs house i think u guys should make ur OWN tv show!!! the price to pay for beauty, and maintain its rightful functionality~ I need a tasty Pastry strawberry custard (croissant)! hey vanessa and angela i love u guys and i am looking forward to ur show daddy's girl and i love run's house. PEACE Hi, my name is Iman curtis & i love u guys so much i love to c the 2 of u hang out 2 gether tell juicy i said hello & keep up the gud work. xx such a nice family i wud swap my life 4 them any day ov the week !!!!!!! how ever with the economic world wide down turn i just can't shop like i use to please help.268-562-1746 I love the pictures! You guys are really lucky to have such asucessful job. Your images are clean, intelligent, and you represent REAL business women who just happen to be young and African American. I am forty, but I am the same size I was when I was twenty, but sometimes I feel silly in some of the clothes that I can wear.Angela and Vanessa Simmons host MTV’s TRL on July 16, 2008 Vanessa and Angela Simmons at the 2008 BET Awards Angela and Vanessa Simmons at the BMI Brunch Vanessa and Angela Simmons at fashion industry show MAGIC. PHOTO CREDIT: Media Take Out V&A at the Betsey Johnson NY fashion show. i love these grls they are pretty and make awsome cash!!!! I really am hoping that I get to meet your family one day while im a kid. like a day in the life of vanessa and angela, pastry in the making! hey i love the shoes but i was thinking for the more classic girl who dosnt like all th poping colors and bright pinks mabey you should make a clasic withe shoe with mabey a little bit of sparkle and call it iceing or somthing…luck Some of ur shoes are cute i like the grade school shoes r hot iam getting a outfit that is blue and that color on march 24 iam so happy that u guys are making anglea can u give me bowwows number pretty please. big up russy, jo jo, miley, rev, justine and most of all diggy he is so cute. One day, i plan to have a business as successful as urs. P.s i would really njoy if u guys replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wats up these shoes are of the chain i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pastryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shoesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss hey! VANESSA AND ANGELA, I THINK YOU ARE VERY GOOD STILIST!!!!!!! Being adored by millions of people all over the country and still keepin’ it real, I can definetly see the resemlence in these two Simons babies! l love your shoes and you guys are the best i am doing this thing in school for the nj jersey hall of fame and i am doing you guys if thats ok i love your dads clothes Run DMC and the t.v show RUNS HOUSE!!!!! May God continue to bless the entire Simmons family. Have you considered creating some casual shoe and sweatsuit collections for older (or professional women) who may feel juvenile in some of the more colorful styles that are appropriate for younger ladies?February 2008 PHOTO CREDIT: Wireimage Vanessa and Angela Simmons signing autographs at a Phoenix store appearance. i dont have pastry but i am getting them but tori has the blueberry icing hiptops! $$$$$$ I am gonna get Double Chocolate Chip Fab cookie sneakers i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only reason u got in with the girl scouts is because u wanted to look like u were doing something good like ur daddy. so please if u really care about the girl scouts donate ALOT of money to them so they can build new meeting centers. u dad is a rev so hes always gonna look better than u. like it should be like ur daily routine w/ ur life and like u guys making pastry, it could be like a reality show! Anglea u r so crazy ur so pretty but idont know about ur sister . I bought a pair of your shoes for the first time this past weekend. There probably one of the most comfortable pair of casual shoes I’ve ever purchased. HEY U GIRLS YOU ARE GREAT I LUV EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR DESIGNS…GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING YOU DO….. i love the whole pastry shoe collection i have every pair and now the pastry have a whole new collection like [email protected] im gonna have all that to. love u guys continue doing the great work that u guys are doing. I really love the purple & black shoes you guys made, they r unique & creative i hope 2 b getting a pair soon. I'm Maris, I come from italy…here there aren't many tipes of shoes …..pastry shose I mean…can I do for have the "PASTRY" I want?????? pastry is the best clothing line i wish i could meet u and get some free stuff or maybe a discount anyway loving the the clothing line the best and i should know becuz i live in england london and ur the best so far so keep up the good pastry and ill see u in daddys little gal and runs house and loving your sense in fashion ive only got one word for that amazing anyway bye love from ur biggest fan sirad those 2 girls are my idols i want to be just like them!!!!!!!! mostly the one when you go to then you type in pastrys then after that i press enter and there are you …. i hope you will talk to me back becuz i wanna ask angela more questions because i couldnt fine anything about you you too vanessa is u wanna talk to me just email me!!! love you guys byess:) The both of you beautiful young ladies are God’s blessings to the youthful girls in todays society. Also, have you considered donating one dollar to a charity that helps African American girls with issues of self esteem, the high school drop out rate in urban areas, illiteracy among African American students (or boys specifically), AID, cancer, or depression since all these issues affect the African American community disproportionately? I too, moved from the East Coast to California at twenty-three, and I became an teacher.January 2008 PHOTO CREDIT: Pastry Fans LLC Vanessa, Angela, Tommy Hilfiger, Nicole Ritchie and Nicky Hilton at a Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser in Century City, CA. PHOTO CREDIT: Wireimage Vanessa and Angela at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. PHOTO CREDIT: Wireimage Angela and Vanessa Simmons on MTV’s TRL Angela and Vanessa at a Race to Erase MS charity event HI Angela and Vanesssa, My sister and I like to watch Run’s House. Hey Ma I am 47 years old, Gurl and I be rockin your shoes and i Love the Marshmellow boots pink of course, Ladies Great shoes and comfortable. hi i am a young girl and i would love to meet you one day i went to desert sky mall to get a autograph and we were there for 2 hours then they told us we will get a autograph no matter what then when we got close they told us we had to leave i cried all night i just really wanted to meet you both please write back at [email protected] you very much HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YALL LOOK TO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOVE YOU ANGIE AND VANESSA Hey Angela and Vannessa. hows Miley and diggy and jojo and ur stepmom and dad and russy.u better leave ur they need to leave u alone. Not to mention stylish and a great conversation piece. BY THE WAY YOUR DAD HAS DONE A TREMENDOUS JOB RAISING YOU ALL HE IS CUTE TOO…. so just keep up the good work and always know your #1fan lenora. Im 20 years old from Idaho, and I would just like to thank you girls for being good role models, and having down to earth, kind atittudes. it looks like you DID work hard, keep up the good work. I also have a sugguestion, I have a 7 month old baby girl and if you need a baby model I sould be the first to be call. Hello I am trying to get ahold oc the Simmons girls … I have two young girls that I buy your shoes for I was wondering will it ever be a men pastry? and i love the picture of them and their shoes!!!!!!!! *************with all hearts and kisses***************** Dear angela and vanessa I love your shoes they are so different from other peoples shoes it like you want it better then everyone else shoes an thats what you did ….. its so cool when your hair is like flying back and when angla kicks her foot out to show the shoes …. Keep up the fashion and continue to let you lights shine. With each pastry purchase, one dollar could go to a charity of your choice. Needless to say, teachers are not paid well, and it is expensive to live in LA, so I moved back East, but I will tell you that teaching is intrinsically rewarding. LOL hi girlz tell yo sezy brothe hi (diggy)1m 14 soo and i was wondering can we hand out i wash yall show every day even if it a reone im crazy about that show txt me back bff let me no and make your u tell yo bro hey and tell yo mom and dad hih plue yo other bro and your lil sis by giul himy 2 sisters love pastry so much and vanessa and angela that they made a youtube video dancing to sierra gimme thatjust like your video on youtube dancing to sierra give me deathit's called little angela and vanessa dancing to sierra gimme that so check it out on you tups they wish their whole closet with nothing but pastry I LOOVE PASTRYS i havent got nay yet but soon i will porbably have ALL OF THEM i loove the bluberry ice glam pie hitops they are my fave and vanessa and angela and i soo want to meet you guys i lovve you guys and please reply i will be so grateful if you do xxxxxxxxxx Hey girls!!!We think that you two have a good sister relationship and we love your shoes. Your Puerto Rican Grandma Yvette, Everyone should rock the Pastry shoes i have every single pastry item and i luv the snow boots that you guys made i got all the shoes 4 christmas and i know how to rock them!!! everytime i drag my daddy to Finish Line.i mostly get a new item everyday. you should e-mail me some time @ [email protected] do! DONT HATE AINT NOTHING WRONG WITH LOOKING NOW OK ….. Thank you for staying out of those tabloids and having respect for yourselves and eachother. my daughter is 10 years old and has more than 100 designs of her own, maybe you guys can guide her or give her some insight, i dont know where to start. Her name is Laniece she’s very energetic and loves to smile. i have tow pair of my beaded ugg's boots that I have been designing myself .. well keep on what you are doing and live your life how you want it 2 be …. i also like to train modles if you all need anyone to do a casting call i would love to be considered as your new idealist for your runway im better than Mrs J, you two ladies seem so real on the show but i hope that you're real enough to read this email. Allyson Terrell hey my name is marquia i love your guys show daddy;s girls i love it i love watching it everyday i wish i can be so famous like you ………… Please go to some of the schools in blighted areas to help African American and Latino girls who need to see you two, Angela, and Vanessa, as positive role models!! Hi, I was wondering where you girls get your hair done? Just wanted to say that you both have great style and beauty to go with it. i wear them everyday and i dont wear any other brand i like the new collections everybody gets jealous of my shoes but there at the best price ever. I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN OF PASTRY (TRUST ME) luv da shoes im gettin some sone…….. I love your idea for Pastry Sneakers and how you contribute to The Girl Scouts Of America! You are a HUGE inspiration to girls across America! my email address (in case you want to write back sometime)is Siara Cole@ It appears hard to find such young ladies in the spotlight with such seemingly good morals. I would like to say that I think Pastry Kicks are the best shoes out. there is only 1 other girl in my school who has them so i’m gunna try to be next!!! would like to be able to give them to the girls to maybe they can promote them and get them known to the wolrd also …… from your number one fan Andria nicole pavgouzas ……. Jacqui hi my name is allyson, i live in memphis tn. vanessa u know how to take good picture and have good style …………….. Please advise I live in the north of the UK & there are not very many salons that do Afro hair. You really R inspirational women all the best hi angela and vanessa i had one of your pastry bookbacks and it only last for one week i really like that bookback n school is all most her and i dont have no bookback to take to school…my name is erykah A.spence im12 years old in i live in miami…… If you ever think of getting into under fashion please give me a chance to make a pitch.

dey r so cute like cra- z i want every pair like datz gonna happen……. keep goin at vannesa n ang u people will make mo money den ever wit dez thanz….. Your show is funny and unlike other shows your show is actually REAL. p.s.s “Cole” Isnt my real last name, It’s a nickname! Vanessa & Angela I like the look of the shoes and your resent help with the girl scouts but I also think you should come up with a male version of these shoes. I am 14 years old and i need someone to look up too. You guys stay postive and try to help everyone out that you can. My mother has bought me 2 pair and I am working on getting my 3rd and 4th for the summer time. (and then i’m sure other people will start wearing them in my school) =] i love you guys sssoooo much! yo i seen yall, but didnt get a chance to formally me yall out in Vegas at the Magic… if anyone knows how to get ahold of the girls for realz ….. HELLO ANGELA & VANESSA I' VE WATCH YOUR SHOW FROM BEGGING TO PRESENT AND I LOVE IT ILOVE THE RELATIONSHIP THAT THE REV AND JUSTINE HAVE BETWEEN THEMSELF AND THE FAMILY I JUST LOVE THE WAY THEY COME TOGETHER AND WORK OUT WHAT EVERY COME THERE WAY AND YOU GIRL JUST SHOWS IT IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO THAT THEY HAS DONE A VERY GOOD JOB EVERY FAMILY HAS THERE UP & DOWN BUT THIS FAMILY WORKS IT OUT EVERY TIME SOME TIME I LOOK AND A SAY THAT IF I CAN GET MY FAMILY TO TO UNDERSTAND THESE SAME THINGS AT TIME THEY LONELY COME TOGETHER WHEN SOMETHING HAPPEN OR WHEN I COOK AND THAT' S BAD THEY BE CONPEATING AGENT EACH OTHER GOD IF ONLY UP ARE THE ONLY ONE TO HERE MY CRY FOR SOMETHING THAT IN WISHING FOR TO PLEASE COME TRUE MY MOTHER HAS ALTIMER AND IT HAD ON A FAMILY LIKE MIND AND WE NEED PRAYER BAD AND I DO THIS EVERY MORNING I' M VERY HAPPY FOR YOU GIRL KEEP YOUR HEAD YOU AND DON' T LET NOTHING GET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DOWN LIKE MINE STAY TOGETHER ALWAYS AND LOVE EACH OTHER GOD BLESS AND HAVE A BLESS DAY BABY GIRL 42 hey vanessa and angella im a big fan of ur shoes pastrys nd i always watch daddys girls and runs house lol i wish icould meet u and tell diggy that i think hes so cute russy is a bit childish but tell diggy dat ma names comfort nd hes cute lol Vanesa and Angela I hope you really read this. angela u are cool and seem like fun to hang out with love marquia your faviorte fan hey this is marquia again i love watching your show its so funny i wish meet u girls and come be famous to i love to sing act sometimes i watch show act like them its so fun you try it some times to it so fun its realy fun to send comment to u girls iwish you can come to my house and hang out and do girls stuff love your faviorte fan marquia p.s……………………. hey gurls jus wanted to say i luv yuhr brand of shoes but its very hard for me to get them where i live aha im well its hard to get them in canada period so if yuh can please try and get them up here more spicificly newmarket lol id be proper 😉 one of yuhr followers shequeria hall I love your picture's and I also love your clothing and shoes and purses.

I have some great ideas i could share with you to add some “steak and potatos” with your pastries. i soooooooooo love every thing in your collectin!!!! I thought that was amazing what you did with the Girl Scouts. You guys are amazing poeple and i can look up to you both. I think you girls rock and I want to be just like you when I get older. hey i am 14 am i really luv ya shoes u and vanessa did a great job i reall like diggy he is so cute i wathch yall show like everyday and it can even be reruns i just love yall show and my mom likes your dad shelistens to ya dads music and she be like thiz iz ma song and i be like mom can u please stop rewinding the same song over and over again but i really luv u guys pllllleeeeeeaaaaaseeeeee write back very soon thanks YES WAT IT DOO ITS YO GIRL TUSSY BVAS AXX BUT ANY WAY EVERY WHERE I GO I CANT FIND NO PASTRY BUT SAY LOOK YALL HAVE ANY CLOTHES OUT IN JR S BWUT LOOK YALL IS DA BUM AND YALL SHIE IS THEY TIHGT GANSTA OMG…i love u guys…am follwing into ur foot steps..i wanna be a model, am working on it i want some feedbacks form the people who knows what their doing and heading form like you…it would be a blessing if i can c you or work with you. I Gvae a lady a couple cd’s, and i was wondering if she ever gave them to yall? I love what you stand for and what your parents have placed in your minds and hearts. i love the shoes and hang bags HI my name is tyasia but it chould be short like ty but i just wanting to say that i love your shoes and i wish i chould be just like u guys because u guys make shoes have a big house and u guys r famous and i wish i i chould meet u guys and i hope it does come ture u guys r so awsome i hope u guys keep makeing those awsome new shoes My daughter is your biggest fan she is 7 years old going to the 2nd grade.

I personally dont listen to hip hop music but i have been designing and painting shirts and shoes for the croud you cater to. my favorite shoes are the chocolate kisses and my favorite bag is the yellow cupcake!!!!! the shoe designs are sooo wonderful and different!!!!! && Venessa i also want to be a Victora Secret Modle….=) i love love love your shoes i wish i was rich enough to buy and i would lke some shoes size is seven -bella ( yes tht means beautiful and yes ths my name)♥ your shoes they are so cute. -morgan♥ hey was up this ya boi deon hit ya 4m CONWAY AEKANSAS just stoppin 2 show sum LOVE likes what yall doin luks gud cause every thing s sold out if yall get this hit me at dejohnnma [email protected] would b therild 2 chat an share sum of my ideas HEY ANY ONE ON? Keep makin Kicks for girls like me all over the world. YOW SHOES ARE SO CUTE MY FAV ONES IS THE HITOP ALL OF THEM FIN TO GO COP SOME FO MY BIRTHDAY IN A COUPLE DAYS THEY ALL CUTE DONT NO WICH ONE TA GET WANT ALL! AND GETIN DA SWEAT OUTFIT AND A HAND BAG I LIKE ERY THING YALL MADE! hit me back, it would be gladly appreciated D Rock omg i love your shoes i want to get them for christmas sooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a little junior girl scout and she loves you so much. I sorry if i sound like i am begging but i need some help with getting her ready for school.

i love u guys so much i just turned 11 january 18 i am supposedf to get pastrys shoes today if we can find them i live in chicago so we r going to indiana today please write back your fan tandy my real name is thandaway (tand-a-way) you guys are so pretty as a lttle girl you guys inspire me soo much when i grow up i want to be like you and make my own clothing line and shoes i whatch alll you shows and diggy lol hes so cute i think i’m the same age as him my dream is to meet you guys thats all i really want in my life ur guys are so nice and pretty and smart u guys make all the right choices i’m 11 years old i have a long way to go but i will start now hey girls i really LOVEyour pics plz put more on there cuase you are very pretty girls love tonnise/////nisqueen. I THINK A GOOD IDEA FOR A SHOE WOULD BE MINT CHOCOLATE CHUNK.. God Bless Philipians I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGHTEN ME. i luv u girlz uz r gorgeous nd smart =] beauty nd brainz u girlz r my role models i wish maybe one day i could be like u girlz i luv ur products= they are hawt nd they alwayz will b bangin i want u girlz 2 continue what ur doing nd makin hawt stuffs dont let anyone take ur dream from u 4get about h8ters, they r just jealous of what u got ducesz nd luv yall alwayz i wonder if Vanessa or Angela every had braces~ …painful and depressin' : (… Girl i am going to rock the mess out of those boots do you here me hope you write me back. itz not jst the looks you can wtch them on mtv i love the family !!! 19 dress angela wonderful, 21 (angela), 25 and angela wanessa are beautiful, 27 (Angela) 28 and 31 (Angela) hi girls i am your biggest fan ever, i am in need of a ward robe make over and i really really love how you guys hold it down with your fashion and style. TO: ANGELA and VANESSA specifically: I am so proud of you two for being a positive role model for young African American girls and women.

I have a daughter with great ideas&i wish she was around u girls with you all fantastic abilities! Vanessa you are very blessed with a good head on your shoulders to keep Angie in line good lookin out.

Her name is Jessica christine Tiara Jordan we live in Clarksdale, Ms!!!!!! i have a younger brother and we have a tight bound. I am sure as a mom of two I do not have to tell you this with the family support you two young ladies have is great and Jess wow!! the girls thinks well for business and what happen to your assistant he was a bit of eye candy for us all to see.

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