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Dating site using drupal - Adult Chat Rooms

When trying to correct the source of data from the default "Node: Updated date " to "Fields: file_date", that very option is missing. I have had to stop at this point, until I get some assistance as the further steps, are not possible with this.Regards Thanks for your videos, so far this is one of my favorite tutorial sites thus far. Dates without years are not dates - not from a programmatic perspective. Maintain a calendar that tracks "anniversaries" of dates in history.

On the site I want to make I want to have a today in history kind of section and have these events display on the calendar. It is possible to create recurring dates to save some time. Create your events with the original historical date, and find a way to "group" all your dates day and month only. First thing is to check that you have the right versions of the modules and Drupal.If you like this screencast, you can show it by pitching in to a special fundraising effort.(And here's why.) You can add the ability to store and display date information in your Drupal 7 website with the use of the Date and Calendar modules, which in turn depend on the Views and CTools modules.Here is one quick demonstration of how you can enable and configure these modules in order to let your users post information that contains dates.To make the best use of this screencast it would be awesome to have some prior exposure to the Views module for Drupal.This way you would get lists of dates that share, say, 2/22/xxxx regardless of the specific year it happened. Next is to look at your event content type and make sure the new date field is still attached and configured correctly.

This way you can see my birthday and George Washington's birthday in the results. Everything worked well for me but for some reason when I go to generate new content and choose my "event" content type that I created it does not display the options to enter the date. If all those things check out then you would have to check your permissions to make sure the account you are using to add content has permission to create event nodes and use the date module.

Read up on the Views module and experiment with grouping fields, maybe you can make some progress there. Sean Hello, and thanks a lot for this very clear tutorial, I tried 3 times for a drupal fresh default installation to make it work but i got every time the same error displaying calendar Warning: array_push() [function.array-push]: First argument should be an array in date_formatter_format() (line 452 of /var/www/ I reviewed the video and tried to reproduced exactly the actions described, but i every time got this error. Olivier FONTES from France Very nice tutorial, but ... When I attempt to display an event created in April, I can do so, but only if I scroll through a calendar week-by-week. Even my mother could've added the calendar with this one. I checked all of my steps and even reinstalled the module and went through the steps again. In fact, check all the permissions settings since this sounds like a likely culprit.

You should also have working knowledge of Drupal including the installation of contributed modules. Mike Notice: Undefined index: field_date in date_field_views_data_alter() (line 235 of /home2/woof/public_html/gan2/sites/default/modules/date/date_views/date_views.module).

Sean, One of the best done Drupal tutorial videos I've seen yet. I'm new to Drupal but been in the biz for nearly 3 decades. Notice: Undefined index: field_date-revision_id in date_field_views_data_alter() (line 235 of /home2/woof/public_html/gan2/sites/default/modules/date/date_views/date_views.module).

I don't read well but I can watch things and pick them up pretty quickly. Actually this is not limited to the /calendar page.

I think this problem is connected to another that turns up in the next section of the tutorial about customizing the calendar view.

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