Dating fat ladies and men

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Dating fat ladies and men - Sex Chat

And from the standpoint of helping get these men past their problems: Would you tell a guy whose weight and alcohol intake was out of control that it was time to “shape-up,” or ship out?Men are deeply effected by what women think of their appearance.

In countless ways, women have been extending the longevity of men.” But in truth the man you started out with is often not the man you wind up with.And many women find that reasonably thin, more often than not sober man, changing for the worst before their disappointed eyes.As a woman, you should never underestimate your ability to change a man and his neglectful ways.In a recent British survey, forty-three percent of adult males said they hadn’t seen their penises in the last two years without looking in a mirror or bending over, while another 16 percent were unable to remember the last time they saw it at all. More importantly, would their girlfriends want to see it?From the research of 2,000 men it was easy to see why so many British men were in such a poor state of health.

Don’t forget of course that our homegrown American lads are not all so different from their British cousins when it comes to their own issues of health and obesity.

Some of the study’s other results included: Further, as the report points out, it would appear that these tubby British males would consider doing something about their weight only if certain dire results occurred from their excess weight, such as: It really doesn’t matter what side of the pond you are in, we have plenty of fat men in America as well.

Women are far more likely than men to seek medical advice for a potential health threat.

More likely to have preventative procedures physicals, mammography, pap smears and more.

Men, as you can see in this survey, prefer to ignore health concerns, and much like a top will simply keep spinning until they topple over.

To the question: Most women would likely answer, “No!

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