Dates friendship dating soul mate

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Dates friendship dating soul mate - Online sex

Sometimes these relationships last, sometimes these relationships turn out bad, like a past life payback.

I had other interests, but, for fun, I explored various methods and systems for many years and finally discovered “The Mystic Test Book.” The Card system gave me a channel and a method to develop my own intuition. On January 1, 1982 I decided to become a professional psychic. My best and favorite interview was on “Beyond Belief’’ with George. Had speaking engagements at The Pritikin Institute, Whole Life Expo, Fullerton College, Forty Plus, The Los Angeles Public Library and donated readings at numerous charitable functions.What I call Lifemates is what most people call Soulmates.Two people who deeply care for each other, communicate with real intimacy, have common interests, comfort each other in hard times and increase life’s joys in good times.Or, the two had a past life connection and meet again for unresolved issues, new lessons.The moment they meet there is spark, it’s as if they’ve always known each other, It’s like a Hollywood movie..Doors began to open…I started working psychic fairs, was invited to be on the board of directors of PAHAS, the Professional Association of the Holistic Arts and Sciences. Years of study and research and spiritual growth, a hobby that became my life’s work.

61 - Ogden, Utah Active, love the ministry, travel, adventure.

Looking for a companion who shares the same passion. Meetings, service and personal study are a routine. Then Jehovah God said: "It is not good for the man to continue to be alone. I wish everyone on here finds what they are looking for.

Part of a Life lessons and yearly reading, often, touches on relationships.

I look at the dynamics of what makes it work or why it doesn’t or didn’t work.

How are two people compatible and what is the chemistry?

There are Soulmates, Lifemates and combinations of both.

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