Carbon 14 dating calculus

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Units & Measurement 1.1 Units (Different systems of units, SI units, fundamental and derived units) 1.2 Dimensional Analysis 1.3 Precision and significant figures 1.4 Fundamental measurements in Physics (Vernier calipers, screw gauge, Physical balance etc) 2.

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Impulse and Momentum 4.1 Definition of impulse and momentum 4.2 Conservation of momentum 4.3 Collisions 4.4 Momentum of a system of particles 4.5 Center of mass 5.Current Electricity 13.1 Ohm’s law, Joule heating 13.2 D.C circuits – Resistors and cells in series and parallel, Kirchoff’s laws, potentiometer and Wheatstone bridge, 13.3 Electrical Resistance (Resistivity, origin and temperature dependence of resistivity). Magnetic Effect of Current 14.1 Biot-Savart’s law and its applications 14.2 Ampere’s law and its applications 14.3 Lorentz force, force on current carrying conductors in a magnetic field 14.4 Magnetic moment of a current loop, torque on a current loop, Galvanometer and its conversion to voltmeter and ammeter 15.Electromagnetic Induction 15.1 Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law, eddy currents 15.2 Self and mutual inductance 15.3 Transformers and generators 15.4 Alternating current (peak and rms value) 15.5 AC circuits, LCR circuits 16.Oscillations 9.1 Kinematics of simple harmonic motion 9.2 Spring mass system, simple and compound pendulum 9.3 Forced & damped oscillations, resonance 10.Waves 10.1 Progressive sinusoidal waves 10.2 Standing waves in strings and pipes 10.3 Superposition of waves, beats 10.4 Doppler Effect 11.

Heat and Thermodynamics 11.1 Kinetic theory of gases 11.2 Thermal equilibrium and temperature 11.3 Specific heat 11.4 Work, heat and first law of thermodynamics 11.5 2nd law of thermodynamics, Carnot engine – Efficiency and Coefficient of performance 12.

Electrostatics 12.1 Coulomb’s law 12.2 Electric field (discrete and continuous charge distributions) 12.3 Electrostatic potential and Electrostatic potential energy 12.4 Gauss’ law and its applications 12.5 Electric dipole 12.6 Capacitance and dielectrics (parallel plate capacitor, capacitors in series and parallel) 13.

Work and Energy 5.1 Work done by a force 5.2 Kinetic energy and work-energy theorem 5.3 Power 5.4 Conservative forces and potential energy 5.5 Conservation of mechanical energy 6.

Rotational Motion 6.1 Description of rotation (angular displacement, angular velocity and angular acceleration) 6.2 Rotational motion with constant angular acceleration 6.3 Moment of inertia, Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems, rotational kinetic energy 6.4 Torque and angular momentum 6.5 Conservation of angular momentum 6.6 Rolling motion 7.

Gravitation 7.1 Newton’s law of gravitation 7.2 Gravitational potential energy, Escape velocity 7.3 Motion of planets – Kepler’s laws, satellite motion 8.

Mechanics of Solids and Fluids 8.1 Elasticity 8.2 Pressure, density and Archimedes’ principle 8.3 Viscosity and Surface Tension 8.4 Bernoulli’s theorem 9.

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