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Any age chat site - Sex Chat

and not really into talking to emos, but alot of scenekids and grindcore fans go there, it's a cool room to discuss music and find some cute girls, teen chat rocks for this room and it's other rooms rock too.

I've only been on here a few times but i love it already :) you meet so many great people on this chat! Anyways I second what the Chicka above me said, Thanks for making the site Dan Omgsh Teen Chat Is soo kewl!I can Meet New People And Just Muck Around With Hot boys. I love how theres so many chat rooms, If I get bored With one room I can just move on to the next. That has been our mission since Just Chat was born on 23 March, 2000 and it will continue to be our mission into the future. People of all english speaking countries are welcome in our free chat rooms.Chat with teens from other cultures all around the world. Have an intelligent and meaningful conversation in our free all ages chat room.

No Cost: Our premium chat site will always be 100% free!

No Downloads: If your computer already has Java installed then you are ready to chat.

No Registration Required: Just enter your desired chatname and login.

Private Messaging: Private message your friends or chat in one of our many themed rooms.

IRC: All ages IRC-style chat is compatible with popular IRC commands. Digi Chat: Digi Chat rooms for teens with fun emotes and avatars.

Simple interface and cool features that teens love.

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