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The Artie Awards are an annual ceremony honoring Buffalo's actors, designers and directors.The annual event is also a fundraising benefit, with all proceeds from the evening (along with proceeds from area theatres' sale of Red Ribbons) going to ECMC's Immunodeficiency Services.

Most also affirm that they were fulfilled in the first century. Once we see WHEN and WHY Revelation was written, much of the mystery of it’s content is solved. The first point to consider about Revelation is WHEN it was written. • Francis Nigel Lee, Revelation and Jerusalem (Brisbane: 1985) • Peter J. This may sound like an academic concern, but it is actually quite relevant. Leithart, The Promise of His Appearing (2004 PDF) • J. Marshall, Parables of War: Reading John’s Jewish Apocalypse (Studies in Christianity and Judaism, 10; Waterloo, Ont.: 2001) ; `Who’s on the Throne? What happens next, in many interpretations, however, is funny. Many traditions say that the book suddenly – and without warning – shifts topics and historical settings.

One popular view today is that this shift happens after the fourth chapter.

A historical partial-preterist view says that the letter shifts its topic and audience after the 20th chapter.

In each case, however, the shift is arbitrarily assigned based upon what the interpreter feels has not been fulfilled yet. al., Studies in the Apostolic Church (New York: 1902), pp.

HOWEVER, there is no indication from the text that a shift in audience or time of fulfillment is EVER to be made.

It is important to realize that this is a modern call imposed upon the text, not something arising from the text itself. The letter of Revelation itself says nothing about a shift in audience or subject matter. Chopping the letter up is an arbitrary idea forced onto the text.

It says nothing about a delay in timing or a change in intended audience. It is the result of a misunderstanding about when or why it was written and how it was fulfilled to its original audience. Reed (eds.), Heavenly Realms and Earthly Realities in Late Antique Religions (Cambridge: 2004): 123-41.

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