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Study the lives of the saints and you will discover each had a sincere devotion to the mother of God.Their expression of devotion may come from their prayers, homilies, or treatises. Louis de Montfort, should come to mind, who died on this date 300 years ago (April 28, 1716).

In this work, De Montfort lays the foundation for Marian consecration and many people to this day use his treatise in the preparation for total consecration to the Mother of God.Perhaps less well known are two other works focusing on the mother of God from the hand of De Montfort: .This small little work, has sold over 5 million copies and ranks in the top five best sellers in the Mariology section of Amazon. John Paul II called De Montfort’s book an excellent work on the rosary in , I fall in love with the rosary all over again!It renews my fervor and dedication to this wonderful devotion.In this book, De Montfort relates the significance of the rosary through fifty roses, divided into five decades focusing on the origin and meaning of the rosary, its prayers, mysteries, and marvelous effects.The last decade provides insight into how to better pray the rosary.

I’m always mesmerized by the stories De Montfort relates about the power and efficacy of the rosary. Donald Calloway’s soon to be released book on the rosary, De Montfort emphasizes the great through story telling by focusing principally on St. Additionally, De Montfort shares stories about the miraculous nature of the rosary, which offer compelling reasons to be devoted to Mary through rosary recitation.

Rightfully so, De Montfort makes distinctions regarding the faith accorded to such stories.

The Holy Scriptures require divine faith; to non-faith based stories we give human faith; and to stories recorded in , we give pious faith, meaning the subjects are not contrary to reason, faith or morals (cf. Every time I re-read this rosary classic, I never regret it.

The stories are powerful and from them I always gain new insight regarding the rosary.

In the last ten roses of , De Montfort teaches people how to pray the rosary.

Praying the rosary might seem basic: begin with the Apostles Creed, pray one Our Father, Three Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be, and then pray each mystery and corresponding decade.

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