A dual optical accommodating foldable intraocular lens

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A dual optical accommodating foldable intraocular lens - Online sex

Como consecuencia, disminuye la capacidad de acomodación, lo que dificulta el enfoque de los objetos cercanos.Con el fin de restaurar la visión de cerca, se han desarrollado e introducido diferentes dispositivos que producen múltiples focos.

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A fin de lograr este objetivo, se han diseñado las lentes intraoculares acomodativas de doble óptica, cuya óptica anterior se desplaza axialmente para incrementar la potencia ocular, y enfocar los objetos cercanos.In order to achieve that goal, dual-optic accommodating Intraocular Lenses have been designed, whose anterior optic displaces axially to increase ocular power, and focus near objects.Although dual-optic accommodating IOLs are relatively new, their outcomes are promising, as they provide large amplitudes of accommodation and a greater IOL displacement than single-optic accommodating IOLs.The outcomes show comfortable near vision, higher patients’ satisfaction rates, and minimal postoperative complications like Posterior Capsular Opacification and Anterior Capsular Opacification, due to their design and material.La presbicia se produce en el ojo envejecido debido a los cambios en el músculo ciliar, las fibras zonulares y el cristalino, y al incremento de la esclerosis del mismo.Presbyopia occurs in the aging eye due to changes in the ciliary muscle, zonular fibers, crystalline lens, and an increased lens sclerosis.

As a consequence, the capacity of accommodation decreases, which hampers to focus near objects.

With the aim of restoring near vision, different devices that produce multiple focuses have been developed and introduced.

However, these devices are still unable to restore accommodation.

Aunque estas LIOs acomodativas son relativamente nuevas, sus resultados son prometedores, ya que aportan grandes amplitudes de acomodación y un mayor desplazamiento de la LIO que las LIO acomodativas de óptica simple.

Los resultados muestran una visión de cerca cómoda, unos índices elevados de satisfacción del paciente y unas mínimas complicaciones postoperatorias, tales como la opacificación capsular posterior y posterior, debido a su diseño y material.

Despite the loss of accommodation caused by the weakening of the ciliary muscle, it has been shown through pharmacological stimulation by instillation of pilocarpine and in vivo and in vitro studies using ultrasound biomicroscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that the function of the ciliary body persist over the years, even in pseudophakic patients.

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