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UPDATE: Eagles of Death Metal have issued a statement on Facebook."We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew," they wrote.

Michael Dorio, brother of the group's drummer Julian Dorio, told ABC News that there were approximately 1,500 people in the venue at the time of the attack. The shots kept going and going and going and people started screaming and ducking, hiding behind the chairs.UPDATE 3: Eighty-nine people died at the Bataclan venue as of November 18th, according to The New York Times.The paper also reports that 129 people died in total during the attacks.UPDATE 2: The hostage situation in Bataclan is over, according to , following a raid by French police.Authorities killed two of the captors, who attacked police with hand grenades.They added, "Mikel Ross, Eric Mc Fadden, we were with your mates Jesse, [Hughes' partner] Tuesday [Cross], the other musicians outside, they're safe too, they took a cab." reported that another one occurred at the city's sports stadium, where France's soccer team was playing Germany, prompting the evacuation of President François Hollande.

Another took place in a restaurant in the same general area.

President Hollande has subsequently declared a state of emergency in France and has ordered the borders closed, according to .

"At first we heard gunshots," eyewitness Jenny Watson, who was on the first floor of the venue, told France 24, according to . That’s when we knew we needed to get out." Fifteen people have died at the club, according to We are just holding our breath and saying prayers for everyone," Emily Dorio said.

"[Julian] called to say that he loved me and he was safe.

Everyone on stage was able to get off." A Twitter user reported, though, that the group was onstage during the shooting.

French group Red Lemons posted to Facebook (via Brooklyn Vegan) that the members of Eagles of Death Metal were safe and not hostages.

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